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Assisted Living PearlandAutumnGrove Cottage in Pearland offers a beautiful backyard retreat for residents to enjoy a wonderful view. With a lake to the west and pastures complete with livestock  to the east, the Pearland Cottage offers two exciting views for the residents. At the heart of the cottage is a staff who’s calling is caring for those with memory loss. The caregivers and managers love spending everyday with the residents doing brain stimulating activities, walking through the garden or even playing a fun game of Bingo. There is never a dull moment at the Pearland Cottage between visiting family members and cheerful caregivers chatting with the residents. Easy outside access to the gardens, a home-like environment, and loving attentive caregivers make up the whole package for this marvelous addition to the Pearland community.

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Manager Profile
Bisi Lawal

Start Date With AutumnGrove: August 2013

Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: I love taking care of the residents and keeping in touch with their families. I also enjoy helping my caregiversdeliver the most compassionate and loving care to our residents!

Favorite Activity for the Residents: I feel that my residents really enjoy Sit and Stretch for exercise and puzzles for mental stimulation.

What got you into caring for Alzheimer’s seniors: As a loving person, my passion is taking care of the elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Favorite Moment of Joy with the Residents: Seeing their smiling faces everyday!

How Long Have You Worked In the Assisted Living Industry: 13 years

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AutumnGrove Cottage™ Highlights

• Specialized, only providing Alzheimer’s and memory care
• One all-inclusive price (no surprises with “levels of care” fees)
• Unique, simple design for seniors with memory loss
• 16 private bedrooms to promote intimate and personal care
• Assistance with all day-to-day activities
• High direct caregiver to resident ratio
• Registered Nurse available 24 hours a day
• Nutrition & hydration program designed specifically for those with memory loss

My mom has been a resident of Autumn Grove cottage since December . It has a small elegant, homelike setting with a lovely view of the one of the lakes at Silverlake . The staff is exceptionally kind and caring and devoted . They have been absolutely wonderful to my mom and our family.We feel very blessed to have found a setting in which she is comfortable and is small enough where she gets personal care and attention . The beautiful living room and excellent cooks help contribute to a family like atmosphere. Each person has a private room and their own personal space but a very nice size living and activity room for meals . It feels like a home and the manager Paula is outstanding as are other staff members including the hospice company we use through them –AMED,
Autumn Grove Cottage Pearland
Date published: 03/06/2013
5 / 5 stars

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