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Tucked away among the trees you will find the lovely AutumnGrove Cottage of Humble. The relaxing feel and caring staff offers residents a safe environment with fun entertainment, brain stimulating activities, and great home-cooked meals. Because of the close friendships at this cottage, you often find families helping throw holiday parties or grilling out in the back yard on a Friday night. Many volunteers visit with residents regularly and during the holidays you can catch the local high school choir singing Christmas carols to the residents.

The manager of the Humble cottage works closely with her caregivers to provide the best possible care to our residents. They have a passion for helping those with Alzheimer’s or dementia and are fantastic at their job. The Humble Cottage is a wonderful addition to the AutumnGrove family and has been thanked by many in the community.

Lisa Mortensen

Start Date with AutumnGrove: August 2010

Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: I really love only having 16 residents in the cottage. The caregivers and I really get to know the residents’ habits, likes and families in a personal way. It is nice really getting to know them, and it helps us provide better care for them. The building design is also a favorite of mine. I love how AutumnGrove really strives to create a homelike atmosphere for the residents. It is warm and comforting to everyone! With the cozy feel and home cooked meals, its no wonder why we have so many families that visit all the time.

Favorite Activity For Residents: Dancing and karaoke. Even with Alzheimer’s or dementia, a person never forgets music and the joy of dancing. We have dance and karaoke parties all the time at Humble Cottage. It is rewarding to see a resident’s face light up when they recognize a song and being to sing and dance along.

What Got You Into Caring for Alzheimer’s Seniors: When I was a kid my mother made my siblings and I play piano at the local nursing home every Sunday after church. After we played for them we would spend time talking with them and just being a friendly face. I also cared for my great grandma when I was a kid. I think both of these experiences helped me find my niche in life. While I worked for regular and independent assisted livings and I could always find the residents who had the beginnings of dementia. I was always drawn to them to help them more.

Favorite Moment of Joy with a Resident: There are too many to just pick one. I had a resident once who could barely hear. I went out and bought him some hearing aides for him at the local drug store. The look on his face when he put them on the first time was unforgettable. The way his eyes lit up and his huge grin was enough to bring tears to everyone in the room. I also love when residents overcome the inability to walk on their own. To see them work every week with a physical therapist and to see the look of accomplishment when they take those first couple of steps is amazing! I especially cherish the small moments with the residents. The way they look into your eyes to say thank you or how they hold my hand or give me a hug. I try to never take those moments for granted.

How Long Have You Worked in the Assisted Living Industry: 14 years

AutumnGrove Cottage™ Highlights

  • Specialized, only providing Alzheimer’s and memory care
  • One all-inclusive price (no surprises with “levels of care” fees)
  • Unique, simple design for seniors with memory loss
  • 16 private bedrooms to promote intimate and personal care
  • Assistance with all day-to-day activities
  • High direct caregiver to resident ratio
  • Registered Nurse available 24 hours a day
  • Nutrition & hydration program designed specifically for those with memory loss

Humble Manager

AutumnGrove has been blessed to have some of the best cottage managers in the industry. They all have a passion for helping others and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The Humble Cottage manager, Lisa, is no exception. She has an unconditional love for her residents and her staff that is quite admirable with a strong passion to improve her residents’ lives in any way she can.

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My mom has been a resident here for over two years. The home is always clean and fresh and welcoming. Mom is always groomed and dressed appropriately. Her care givers are kind and have taken the time to get to know her likes and dislikes and treat her as an individual. Many volunteers come in throughout the week to visit and give some stimulation to the residents. I love the feeling of “family” at Autumn Grove. It’s a good place for mom.
Written by: Ohmoni
AutumnGrove Cottage Humble
Date published: 04/13/2013
5 / 5 stars

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